English Decoratives

What we do

The studio provides hand painted custom designed murals, silk panels for drapes, wallpapers or other interior accessories, cushions, wallhangings, bed throws.
The studio can also provide individual art pieces to complete an interior project. Contact for more information and cost structure

The English Decoratives Collection

New Developments in work for the printed collection of textiles, wallpapers, murals and home accessories. To be carefully curated in the ED signature style to complement the bespoke portfolio.


Collaborations and other design services

Contact the studio for exclusive designs, collections or artwork for print.

Introduction to Diane and the Brand

Diane’s work has been described as beautiful, whimsical, decorative and intricate. Painterly and flamboyant with a stunning colour palette. Sometimes subtle, sometimes quirky and always unique with the wow factor. Clients often point out that her work needs to be seen to be believed and because of this digital age they also cannot believe that the bespoke pieces are all totally hand painted.

All these descriptions illustrate the varied portfolio which Diane creates for the English Decoratives as she is as comfortable creating artwork from classic archive style florals to impressionistic techniques and most recently oriental chinoiserie styles. Skills which perhaps have been lost in recent years and was one of the reasons she wanted to launch the brand in 2017.

A new brand but firmly built on a foundation of Diane’s experience, love and dedication to creating beautiful artwork and championing the traditional hand painting techniques of pattern design for varied styles of interiors.

Entitled the English Decoratives to celebrate English Eclectic style. A love of nature, flowers and gardens. Influenced by history, global decoration and modern day trends and perhaps cherry picking and mixing all of this up if the mood appeals.


The English Decoratives – Aim for quality

All the hand painted pieces are bespoke and therefore distinguishes the artwork from the mass produced equivalent. No two pieces are ever the same and commissioned pieces take into consideration the clients brief in detail. Most often the artwork is interior led and designed and coloured with this in mind.
For the printed Collection, every design and colour way has been painted and styled by hand then translated for print on high quality textiles and papers. Diane believes that painting the pieces first enables her to plan in detail the scale, and colours while working with the trends or more traditional spaces.

About Diane

Diane has been painting and designing for as far back as she can remember and professionally from the age of 16. She was born and raised in Manchester but has spent most of her adult life based in Northumberland with travel and living overseas in between. Always contrasting the urban influences with the rural environment where she lives now. She studied surface pattern design understudying the master craftsmen in the design studios in the UK and Europe and then enjoyed her roles from designer, colourist, studio manager to producer working in the textile mills in UK, Southern Africa and the Far East.

From the Millennium onwards she sidestepped the industry a little and studied interior design and designed room schemes and decoration for the clients of several retail establishments. Diane has also worked in Sales, selling furniture, homewares and most recently art. Constantly building on her experience and passion for Interior products and design. It is of no surprise that the English Decoratives brand is a culmination of all of these influences and disciplines.