Sneaky peeks – work in progress

Well, I am sharing a few Sneaky peeks today, which a few of you who follow me on Instagram may have already seen some fleeting images.
A “Woodland Chinoiserie”. An idea I have been thinking of for a while which is to create another chinoiserie but using lots of typically English flora and fauna such as acorns, English birds and the greater bindweed which I always love to paint with it’s flowing tendrils. Shall be over several panels with an original silk piece and perhaps a printed version
“Clarice Deco” The ED interpretation of Art Deco…. which is still in the research stage but I am looking at a more Bloomsbury style but using lots of metallic… who knows where I take it. Possibly canvas first.
“Dragon” this collection is already in the development stage for wallpapers, panels and then to follow textiles. I cannot wait to see the first samples. Again! watch this space.